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The franchise in the car hire in Menorca

When we speak of franchising in car hire in Menorca, it often follows that it is an amount that must be left as a deposit in cash at the time of the collection of the car, but it does not necessarily have to be like that.

What is the franchise in the rental car?

The franchise in a car hire is usually a clause in the contract which establishes a limit of liability in the event that the rental car suffers damages. For example, if the franchise is 800 euros it means that in case the rental car has suffered any damage, the lessee will only be responsible for 800 euros maximum, the rest of the damage will be covered by the car hire company. Let’s imagine, then, that you rent a vehicle in Menorca with a 500-euro franchise. The car rental company in Menorca, will surely block those 500 euros from your debit card, will not charge them, it will simply keep them immobilized. So, during your stay on the island, you suffer a traffic accident with your rental car and the car suffers damage worth 1,000 euros. Because you have agreed to a 500 euro franchise, you will pay 500 euros for the repair of the vehicle (they will charge you the money that you had blocked), while the rental company will be responsible for the other 1,000 euros to cover the entire the damages. This option is usually carried out for all those users who do not want to hire full-risk insurance in their car rental reservation.

Can I rent a car without a franchise?

Yes you can. Normally the car hire companies offer a full insurance service so the franchise is 0 euros. This comprehensive insurance usually leads to a series of exclusions. It is very important at the time of signing the contract of the car hire, to review in detail everything that the comprehensive insurance covers and everything that does not. In this case, instead of establishing a limit amount of liability in case of damage to the rental car, a series of elements not covered by the insurance is established. In this way, in case the rental vehicle suffers any damage that the insurance does not cover, it must pay for the settlement of the damages caused by the elements not covered by the insurance.

Comprehensive insurance of the rental car in Menorca with AutosMenorca

In AutosMenorca we have a comprehensive insurance for 16.95 euros per day that includes RSC coverage in addition to the damage to low, footpegs, wheels, windows, mirrors, loss or wetting of the keys, damage to the clutch and refilling wrong type of fuel. It is a full insurance insurance for car hire in Menorca very complete that allows you to enjoy your stay in Menorca with complete peace of mind and without worries.


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